IC 5384 - NGC 4893
DSS image of IC 5384
Overlaid DSS image of IC 5384, 30' x 30' with north at top and west to the right

Aladin viewer for the region around IC 5384
GC 5700

Type  Galaxy
Magnitude  14
Size  0.8' x 0.3' @ 158°
Right Ascension  0h 4' 9.1"  (2000)
Declination  11° 59' 2" S
Constellation  Cetus
Description  eF, vS, E 160, *8.5 p 49", 2*9m n 8'
Classification  Sb
Observing Notes

Harold Corwin

IC 5384 is probably also NGC 7813, which see for the story. There is no doubt about the IC identification.
IC Notes by Harold Corwin

Harold Corwin

NGC 7813 is probably identical with IC 5384, though the descriptions do not match, and Muller's position is a typically poor one from the second Leander McCormick list in AJ. The IC number comes from Howe who found the galaxy while looking for NGC 7813. The position angles for the galaxy (Muller, 80 deg; Howe, 160 deg) and surrounding stars (Muller, "*8.5 f 38s" and "*9 np 40s"; Howe "*8.5 p 49s" and "two sts 9 nnp") don't match, but the declinations are the same as are the general descriptions "eF, vS, E".

I do see a somewhat fainter star (about 10th magnitude) roughly 25 seconds following the galaxy -- is this possibly Muller's "* 8.5"? Unfortunately, he has left us no sketch.

The IC identification, at least, is secure.
NGC Notes by Harold Corwin
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IC 5384