IC 206
DSS image of IC 206
Overlaid DSS image of IC 206, 30' x 30' with north at top and west to the right

Aladin viewer for the region around IC 206
MCG-01-06-053, PGC 8238

Type  Galaxy
Magnitude  14
Size  0.647' x 0.233' @ 135°
Right Ascension  2h 9' 30.7"  (2000)
Declination  6° 58' 6" S
Constellation  Cetus
Observing Notes

Harold Corwin

The positions were referred to the wrong star by Javelle. The correct star is BD-7 372. When re-reduced with respect to this star, Javelle's positions fall within a few arcseconds of the modern ones.

His relative positions are also good, and his descriptions match the galaxies. IC209 (whose place in Javelle's list is correct), referred to what Javelle supposed to be the same star (BD-7 364), was found and measured two nights later than IC206 and IC207.

IC 206 is a peculiar spiral with a knotty bar that dominates the DSS images. The center of the bar, as seen in the SDSS and PanSTARRS-1 images, is taken up by three red knots, one perhaps the nucleus (I've adopted the position of this to represent the galaxy). To the southeast -- still in the bar -- are at least two brighter blue knots, presumably HII regions. The brighter of the two appears in the SDSS, PanSTARRS, and Carlsberg Meridian catalogues; I've listed its position separately.

This galaxy is also the second (IC 207 is the brightest) in a relatively tight group of four. The two to the south are considerably fainter.
IC Notes by Harold Corwin
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IC 206