IC 3833 - NGC 4722

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MCG -02-33-031, PGC 43560, 2MASS J12513235-1319480

Type  Galaxy
Magnitude  13.75
Size  1.8' x 0.7' @ 35°
Right Ascension  12h 51' 32.4"  (2000)
Declination  13° 19' 48" S
Constellation  Corvus
Description  vF, vS, f 4714, w *11 4"f
Classification  SB(r)0/a
Observing Notes

Harold Corwin

The IC identity of this galaxy is not in question. Bigourdan's measurements in April 1895 are very good (his comparison star has one of the highest proper motions I've encountered in doing this work -- over 0.42 arcsec per year), so we cannot mistake the galaxy he found.

Herbert Howe ran across the same galaxy, but thought it might be one of the pair, NGC 4722 and 4723 (which see), that Tempel found following NGC 4714. Dreyer put Howe's object into the IC notes as "NGC 4722-23", apparently without noticing the coincidence of Bigourdan's and Howe's positions. MCG certainly picked up on it, however, so has N4722 = I3833. Working on SEGC, I made the same assignment of the numbers, but clearly did not do much digging into the literature (though I did translate Tempel's published note for N4722 and 4723).

In any event, I see now that we actually do not know for sure which objects Tempel saw. So, we may not be correct in equating one of them with IC 3833. Thus, my liberal use of question marks in the position table for the two NGC numbers.
IC Notes by Harold Corwin
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IC 3833