HD 174208
DSS image of HD 174208
Overlaid DSS image of HD 174208, 60' x 60' with north at top and west to the right

Aladin viewer for the region around HD 174208
BD-06 4922, HR 7083, WDS J18497-0555A, SAO 142661, GSC 05126-03125, HIP 92391

Type  Star
Magnitude  6
Right Ascension  18h 49' 41.0"  (2000)
Declination  5° 54' 46" S
Constellation  Scutum
Classification  K2III
Observing Notes

Andrew Cooper
Jul 19, 2020    Waikoloa, HI (map)
20cm f/6 Newtonian, Cave Astrola @ 47x
Seeing: 6 Transparency: 6 Moon: 0%

Orange, no companion noted, 30' northwest of M11 in a rich galactic starfield
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HD 174208