NGC1952 - M1
DSS image of NGC1952
Digitized Sky Survey image of NGC1952, 30' x 30' with north at top and west to the right

DSS image of NGC1952
Overlaid DSS image of NGC1952, 30' x 30' with north at top and west to the right
Crab Nebula, Crab SNR, Taurus A
3C 144, LBN 833, Sh 2-244, SN 1054A

Type  Supernova Remnant
Magnitude  8.4
Size  8' x 6' @ 128°
RA (2000)  5h 34' 32.0"
Dec (2000)  22° 0' 52" N
Constellation  Taurus
Description  vB, vL, E135, vglbM, r

Observing Notes

Andrew Cooper
14 Sep 2015 Hale Pohaku, HI (map)
15cm f/5 Newtonian, Makaʻiki @ 19x

A small patch of nebula about 1° from ζTau, faint but very distinct, about 5' across, no detail

Andrew Cooper
28 Aug 2011 Hale Pohaku, HI (map)
46cm f/4.5 Newtonian, Deep Violet @ 175x

An oval patch without detail, about 5'x3' northwest-southeast, averted vision reveals mottling and uneven edges

Andrew Cooper
22 Oct 2006 TIMPA, Avra Valley, AZ (map)
12x36 Canon Image Stabilized Binoculars

Very faint but unmistakable, an ill-defined hazy patch, small, visible with direct vision

Andrew Cooper
12 Jan 2002 Las Cienegas NCA, Pima Co., AZ (map)
46cm f/4.5 Deep Violet

Rough oval patch, surface mottled with lighter areas, fading smoothly into the background, in a field of dim stars but no stellar object visible within the nebula, no core or pattern to the structure of the nebula

Andrew Cooper
19 Sep 1988 NASP, Chino Valley, AZ (map)
20cm f/10 SCT

Oval patch, no detail visible, edges more distinct than a galaxy

John Herschel
24 Feb 1827

Very large; extended; very gradually brightening a little toward the middle; mottled; 4' long, 3' broad; position angle of longer axis north preceding to south following. A fine object.

Charles Messier
12 Sep 1758

Nebula above the southern horn of Taurus, it doesn't contain any star; it is a whitish light, elongated in the shape of a flame of a candle, discovered while observing the comet of 1758. See the chart of that comet, Mem. Acad. of the year 1759, page 188; observed by Dr. Bevis in about 1731. It is reported on the English Celestial Atlas"

Rev. T.W. Webb
Hardwick, Herefordshire, England (map)
24cm Reflector

oblong; pale; 1° np ζ. Crab neb. of E. of Rosse, who considered it resolvable, with fringes, not, however, subsequently confirmed there. Se. obtained a similar result. Granular, 9-1/3in. spec. D'A., 5½ x 3½, not resolved. First seen by Bevis, 1731. Its accidental re-discovery by M., while following a comet in 1758, led to the formation of the earliest catalogue of nebulæ. Winlock, gaseous spect.
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Object descriptions of Rev. Webb from Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes sixth edition, Rev. T.W. Webb, 1917, edited by Rev T.E.Espin.