NGC 2362
DSS image of NGC 2362
Overlaid DSS image of NGC 2362, 30' x 30' with north at top and west to the right

Aladin viewer for the region around NGC 2362
Tau Canis Majoris Cluster, Mexican Jumping Star

Type  Open Cluster
Magnitude  4.1
Size  8'
Right Ascension  7h 18' 41.5"  (2000)
Declination  24° 57' 15" S
Constellation  Canis Major
Description  Cl, pL, Ri, (30 CMA)
Classification  I 3 p n
Observing Notes

Andrew Cooper
Mar 2, 2019    Kaʻohe, Mauna Kea, HI (map)
28cm f/10 SCT, NexStar 11" GyPSy @ 127x
Seeing: 6 Transparency: 7 Moon: 0%

A lovely cluster centered on the bright star τCMa, a hundred or so stars in 10' area, Tau itself is a bright blue-white at mag 4.4 with a dim companion at mag 10 just 8" away

Andrew Cooper
Feb 6, 2018    Waikoloa, HI (map)
20cm f/6 Newtonian, Cave Astrola @ 127x
Seeing: 7 Transparency: 7 Moon: 0%

A distinctive cluster huddled closely around the bright τCMa, a triangular shaed area 5' on a side filled with 7-10th magnitude stars, bright, resolved, coarse, and lovely

Andrew Cooper
Mar 29, 2016    Waikoloa, HI (map)
28cm f/10 SCT, NexStar 11" GyPSy @ 127x
Seeing: 7 Transparency: 6 Moon: 0%

A beautiful cluster groupd around τCMa, bright, coarse, fully resolved, about 30 stars arranged in an area about 10' in diamter centered on the bright star, Tau itself is blue-white at 4.4 magnitude, there is an 8th magnitude companion 1' east

Andrew Cooper
Nov 17, 2009    Hale Pohaku, HI (map)
46cm f/4.5 Newtonian, Deep Violet @ 95x
Seeing: 7 Transparency: 7 Moon: 0%

Beautiful in a big 'scope and a dark sky, a bold cluster in a heavy starfield, a few dozen bright members clustered around the bright τCMa (mag 4.4), <10' in diameter and triangular in shape

Andrew Cooper
Feb 9, 2007    Waimea, HI (map)
76mm f/6 APO

Splendid cluster set off by and centered on τCMa, a dense triangular cluster, resolved, brighter members embedded in a bright haze, grand region at the base of CMa, h3945 located just north.

Andrew Cooper
Mar 30, 2002    Sycamore House, Tucson, AZ (map)
20cm f/10 SCT

Excellent cluster centered on the 4th magnitude star Tau CMa, a couple dozen 9th and 10th magnitude stars arranged in a triangular area 5' across, empty zone near Tau except for one close companion, somewhat sparse, bright, a favorite star party object for me
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NGC 2362