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Database Usage

The query field accepts the following formats. No padding with zeros is required.

  • Mxxx or Messier xx, for Messier objects
  • Ex: M1 or M101

  • NGCxxxx, NGC objects
  • Ex: NGC55 or NGC7009

  • xxxx, if a number without prefix is supplied it is assumed to be an NGC object
  • Ex: 6822 for NGC6822

  • ICxxxx, for IC objects
  • Bxx or Barnard xx, for Barnard catalog objects
  • Con or Constellation, returns all objects in a constellation, uses the standard three letter abbreviations
  • xxx Con , stellar identifiers either Bayer and Flamsteed or variable designations
  • Ex: Beta Cyg or SS Vir

  • Common names, will match the first object with a text fragment in the common name
  • Ex: 'black' will match 'Blackeye Galaxy'

  • Will attempt to match any other format with the object if possible
  • Ex: 3C273 or PK 342+27.1