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NGC1952 IC4725 NGC2323 NGC650
NGC6254 NGC6694 NGC5194 NGC1068
NGC4321 NGC6853 NGC7654 NGC2068
NGC5457 NGC6626 NGC5024 NGC1904
NGC5866 NGC6913 NGC6715 NGC6523
NGC581 NGC5272 NGC6809 NGC6093
NGC4594 NGC7099 NGC6779 NGC3031
NGC3379 NGC224 NGC6720 NGC3034
NGC4258 NGC221 NGC4579 NGC5236
NGC6171 NGC598 NGC4621 NGC4374
NGC3556 NGC1039 NGC6405 NGC4382
NGC3992 NGC2168 NGC4649 NGC4406
NGC6705 NGC1960 NGC4303 NGC4486
NGC205 NGC2099 NGC6266 NGC4501
NGC6218 NGC1912 NGC5055 NGC4552
NGC6205 NGC7092 NGC4826 NGC6333
NGC6402 NGC6121 NGC3623 NGC4569
NGC7078 M40 NGC3627 NGC4548
NGC6611 NGC2287 NGC2682 NGC6341
NGC6618 NGC1976 NGC4590 NGC2447
NGC6613 NGC1982 NGC6637 NGC4736
NGC6273 NGC2632 NGC6475 NGC3351
NGC7089 M45 NGC6681 NGC3368
NGC6514 NGC2437 NGC6838 NGC3587
NGC6531 NGC2422 NGC6981 NGC4192
NGC6656 NGC2548 NGC6994 NGC4254
NGC6494 NGC4472 NGC628
IC4715 NGC5904 NGC6864