R Leporis
DSS image of R Leporis
Overlaid DSS image of R Leporis, 60' x 60' with north at top and west to the right

Aladin viewer for the region around R Leporis
Hind's Crimson Star, R Lep
BD-15 915, HD 31996, HR 1607, SAO 150058, GSC 05329-00366

Type  Carbon Star
Magnitude  7.76
Right Ascension  4h 59' 36.4"  (2000)
Declination  14° 48' 23" S
Constellation  Lepus
Classification  C7,6e
Observing Notes

Andrew Cooper
Sep 5, 2022    Waikoloa, HI (map)
28cm f/10 SCT, NexStar 11" GyPSy @ 127x
Seeing: 4 Transparency: 7 Moon: 0%

A dramatic rich red truly justifying the moniker Hind's Crimson Star, near 11th magnitude tonight, the faintest this star has been in over a decade (latest AAVSO observations indicate magnitude 10.2 and fading a few days ago)

Andrew Cooper
Dec 29, 2019    Kaʻohe, Mauna Kea, HI (map)
46cm f/4.5 Newtonian, Deep Violet @ 175x
Seeing: 6 Transparency: 7 Moon: 0%

Bright, coppery orange, near maximum

Andrew Cooper
Nov 23, 2019    Kaʻohe, Mauna Kea, HI (map)
28cm f/10 SCT, NexStar 11" GyPSy @ 233x
Seeing: 6 Transparency: 7 Moon: 0%

Bright, coppery orange not red, near maximum? (AAVSO recent reports show near max at mag 7.1)

Andrew Cooper
Feb 6, 2018    Waikoloa, HI (map)
20cm f/6 Newtonian, Cave Astrola @ 127x
Seeing: 7 Transparency: 7 Moon: 0%

A beautiful deep crimson tonight, clearly earning the moniker Hind's Crimson Star, one of the reddest stars to be enjoyed anywhere in the sky

Andrew Cooper
Dec 29, 2015    Waikoloa, HI (map)
28cm f/10 SCT, NexStar 11" Gypsy @ 233x
Seeing: 6 Transparency: 6 Moon: 0%

Very red tonight! Must have caught it near minimum, a deep coppery red, as red as any of the carbon stars, beautiful! (AAVSO latest magnitude is 8.4 on Dec 26th)

Andrew Cooper
Nov 23, 2006    Las Cienegas NCA, Pima Co., AZ (map)
46cm f/4.5 Deep Violet

Fairly bright, red-copper color, stands out well in the field, must have caught it near maximum as R Lep can be much more deeply colored when near minimum

Steve Coe

Period 432 days; 5.9-11m; famous; Hind's Crimson Star;
― SAC Red Star Database
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R Leporis