DSS image of Sh2-282
Overlaid DSS image of Sh2-282, 60' x 60' with north at top and west to the right

Aladin viewer for the region around Sh2-282

Type  Bright Nebula
Size  40' x 15'
Right Ascension  6h 38' 8"  (2000)
Declination  1° 25' 12" N
Constellation  Monoceros
Description  10"-F, L, E 2X1 in PA 0, nBM, UHC helps
Classification  E
Observing Notes

Andrew Cooper
Jan 26, 2020    Kaʻohe, Mauna Kea, HI (map)
46cm f/4.5 Newtonian, Deep Violet @ 60x
Seeing: 7 Transparency: 7 Moon: 0%

An extraordinary field, very rich galactic starfield with a couple obvious faint and very rich clusters (NGC2262 and Collinder 110) the area is rich in faint nebulae seen as dark and bright areas in the field
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Nearby objects for Sh2-282
4 objects found within 60'
Collinder 110 HD 46769
NGC 2262

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